Top 7 Fun Places to Visit in Dubai with Family

Dubai is a must-see for anybody traveling to UAE. In Dubai, visitors may take in the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, as well as shopping malls that have giant aquariums and indoor ski slopes, among other attractions.

If you are visiting Dubai from any part of the world, taking your family to fun places is the best thing to do in Dubai. Keep reading the post to get some idea of how and where!

Top fun places in Dubai you must visit with family

Despite the multitude of amazing things to view, narrow down your choices. It's the best place for people looking for a variety of family-friendly activities.

Check out the list of activities to get suggestions for the best places to visit in Dubai!

1) Aquaventure Waterpark

For visitors to Dubai during the summer months, the Aquaventure Waterpark is an absolute must-see attraction. This site is perfect for families since it has over 30 water slides and a range of aquatic activities to choose from. In addition, it is one of the biggest water parks in the world.

It is situated at Crescent Rd., Palm Jumeirah (Dubai) Atlantis the Palm, located inside Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai's largest aquarium, which contains more than 65,000 aquatic animals. Dolphin Bay is home to numerous friendly dolphins. So, you can think of swimming with Dolphins as an opportunity for fun. How lovely, isn't it??

Fun Activities:

  • Take advantage of the lazy river and water slides.
  • Shark Lagoon is the location to go for the ultimate shark safari, where you can interact with dolphins and seals.
  • Take part in several different water activities.
  • Splashers Island is a water park designed specifically for children.

2) Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the place to go if you want to enjoy the snow while also getting up and personal with penguins. An indoor ski resort maintains a temperature range of -1 to 2 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

If you live in Dubai or come here for a visit, you may go to the world of snow and ice, where you will be able to view Dubai in a completely different light.

It's a wonderful spot for families to get together and spend time together. There are three main zones inside Ski Dubai, each with a unique idea and price point: the Slope, the Snow Park, and the Penguins.

The Slope is the most popular of the three locations. It is located in Al Barsha, Dubai, in the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road and is accessible through Sheikh Zayed Road. Visiting Dubai during the summer is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the city.

Fun Activities:                                                   

  • Access to bobsleds
  • Tubing tracks,
  • Snow bumpers, and a climbing wall,
  • The opportunity to interact with Gentoo and King Penguins

3) Wild Wadi Water Park

This amusement park is a popular destination for families visiting Dubai. It makes no difference how old you are. These rides give a breathtaking view of the Burj Al Arab, which is located in Dubai.

Juha's Journey, a river where visitors may take a break from their day's activities and relax, is one of the park's main attractions. It is located on Jumeirah Street in Umm Suqeim, Dubai, just across the street from the Burj Al Arab.

The fact that it provides a ladies' night enables women to have some alone time with their little children makes it one of the greatest water attractions in Dubai. Wild Wadi Water Park also contains Juha's Dhow and Lagoon. It provides more than 100 attractions and water rides for children to enjoy. Wild Wadi Water Park is located on the banks of the Wadi Rum.

Fun Activities:

  • On the water slides and pumping rides
  • You can cool down and relax
  • The kids can play with water pistols in the Dhow and Lagoon,
  • You can pick up some souvenirs at the shops.

4) Chillout Ice Lounge

The unusual elements of Chillout Ice Lounge include ice sculptures, ice seats, tables, and a lighted doorway, among other things. When it comes to fresh things to do in Dubai during the summer, this site is a must-see if you're looking for something different.

This is the first ice lounge to operate in the Middle East at temperatures minus zero degrees Celsius. A broad choice of desserts and hot chocolate, soup, and sandwiches are all available in this cozy café.

It is located in Al Quoz, Dubai, at the Times Square Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is part of the Times Square Mall. Visiting this restaurant is a necessity if you want to enjoy delicious food away from the heat and humidity of Dubai.

Fun Activities:

  • Ice benches allow you to cool down
  • Admire the interior architecture and lighting, 
  • The unique setting allows you to capture some memorable photos of your visit.

5) Dubai Parks and Resorts

You and your friends or family members are looking for a thrilling adventure. Interested in getting a feel for what it's like to create a movie from beginning to end? It is possible to obtain all of this and more at Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR).

It features a diverse range of components that appeal to visitors of all ages and interests, regardless of their particular interests. It features attractions such as Legoland, Lego Waterpark, Bollywood Parks, and a slew of others.

Depending on the park, many parks are situated along a long river, with sporting facilities located either within or outside the parks. This family-friendly destination is located at Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai.

Fun Activities:                                                   

  • You will find Bollywood superheroes, Indian surrounds, and the Middle East's largest Lego factory at Legoland
  • Legoland is the Middle East's largest Lego factory, while Lego Waterpark is the region's favorite waterpark.
  • At Motiongate, you may transform into an action hero and battle against the bad guys.

Travel back in time by strolling down the river and taking in the sights and sounds of the different eras that have passed.

6) Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Have you ever been in the presence of sharks or penguins before? If so, how did you spend your free time? The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a must-see attraction if you've never been there.

With the assistance of professional divers, you'll be able to feed sharks and play with them for 30 minutes. A King Croc, the size of six shopping carts, may also be seen, weighing 750 kg and measuring six carts in length.

Furthermore, when you are there, you will witness a variety of aquatic life, feed the fish, and interact with penguins. It's a mind-blowingly exciting meeting, to say the least. As a result, it is one of the most popular places in Dubai for families to enjoy a good time. It is situated at the Dubai Mall.

Fun Activities:                                                   

  • It is possible to play with some of the world's most magnificent marine creatures, such as sharks, rays, and octopuses, at Dubai Aquarium.

With your children, try cage snorkeling for the first time.

7) Dive Atlantis

For those who like the ocean or are experienced divers, this is an absolute must-see site in Dubai. This location is home to more than 65,000 aquatic species, and you may get the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of them. If you want to chill off a bit more, you can swim with Dolphins. Don't waste your time and see Dubai for yourself.

It is located inside the spectacular Atlantis, The Palm resort and caters to divers of all levels of experience and expertise. It's a magnificent place to visit.

Fun Activities:                       

  • Try your hand at scuba diving in the Ambassador Lagoon
  • Snorkel in the Ambassador Lagoon, which is home to hundreds of different species.

Go with your family to have fun in Dubai

Consider your options carefully before ruling out a vacation to Dubai. Even though it is the time of year for the Dubai holidays, you can still go out and have a good time if you want to. There are a plethora of fun activities to do both inside and outside.

In this city of wealth, there are no restrictions on the opulent lifestyles and high standards that may be sought by those who reside here. It's is also the same for visitors and tourists – so, have fun with your family!