Speak Arabic - Beginner Level

Methodology: Live Online Instructor-Led

Course Start Date: 22nd March 2021

Broad Aims of This Course:

This course is designed to help students to develop basic Arabic language skills while understanding its associated cultural aspects. Students will improve their oral, reading and writing skills in areas related to social environments; for example, while talking about work, occupations, making appointments, talking about routines, learn very basic reading and writing skills (numbers and letters to form words) with more emphasis on speaking and vocabulary development.


Course Structure:

This Arabic For Beginners course has a duration of 40 hours of Virtual Classroom Training:

Course level: Beginner

No. Of weeks: 10

Hours per week: 4

Days of the week: Mon & Wed

Timings: 7 - 9 PM UAE local Time

Course Rates:

Beginner Level : AED 1999

(The rate above mentioned in exclusive of VAT and bank charges)

- Once payment processed, customers may contact Careerz4me on phone/ WhatsApp: +971585700358 or email: support@careerz4me.com for access to the course.




- Greet others.

- Introduce themselves and others.

- Understand and communicate in daily   conversations.

- Talk, ask and answer questions about different subjects like:

• Professions

• Weather and seasons

• Days, Months & Seasons

• Numbers

• Tools and Equipment

• Time and date

• Family

• Directions and places

• Food

• Colours

• Diseases and Medicines

• Daily greetings

• Expressions & Phrases


- Use correct pronouns.

• Use correct verb tense.

• Use of modal verbs.

• Use demonstratives.

• Use verb-to-be.

• Use correct sentence pattern.

• Use plural, singular, and dual.

• Correct position of alif and yaa.

• Rules of hamza.

• Distinguish masculine and feminine nouns.

• Use adverbs, conjunctions, and some prepositions.

• Make questions.

• Use articles.


- Read and write numbers, letters and very basic words


Language of Instruction:

  • The language of instruction for this course is Arabic.
  • The Teacher is multilingual and speaks Arabic and English.
  • The Teacher will communicate with students in Arabic and English and all activities including assessments will be conducted in Arabic.



This is a Beginner Level course in Arabic and has no prerequisites. Anyone with a love for the Arabic language or someone travelling to an Arabic speaking country and engaging in simple conversations for the purpose of getting around the country or to break the ice with new acquaintances should enroll in this course today.



  • Live Video Virtual Classroom
  • Worksheets


Final Assessment & Certificate:

Final assessment will be in the last session of the course.

‘Course Completion Certificate’ will be sent to students within 2 weeks of successful completion of the course.


Terms & Conditions:

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