Dubai Royal Camel Racing - VIP Group Booking

Price Starting from : 80.00 AED

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Highlights - 

Ride a camel and enjoy a ride in a camel carriage

Feed a camel 

Try special food and beverages (camel meat burger, camel milk tea etc)

Enjoy a 10% discount on merchandise purchases at the venue 


Cheer for your favourites from the comfort of a VIP sofa seat on the first floor during a high-stakes camel race. This is your chance to learn more about the 'ships of the desert' and try out camel riding and various camel products.

Embark on a unique journey into the world of camels, the national treasure of the UAE and the beloved companion of the Emiratis. From camel feeding to camel rides, from riding our camel carriage to visiting our heritage tent and sampling delicious camel milks and camel milk ice-creams – there is something to do for everyone! Last but certainly not least, take part in an interactive camel race – the definite highlight of the trip! This is the ultimate destination for those looking to learn more about the exciting culture of the UAE.


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