First Yacht - Jet Ski Tour- Burj Al Arab

The Jetski tour starts right from one of Dubai's most beautiful public beaches, La Mer in Jumeirah 1, with stunning views of the Down Town skyline and Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower. Our Jetski tour is one of the best ways to visit Dubai. Enjoy our Yamaha 1050CC Jetskis on a tour that takes you through all of Dubai's most famous sights. The view from the sea is one of the best for exploring the city. On each tour, you can take up to 5 jetskis on the water, by yourself or with a friend behind you on the same jetski. So if you are alone or with your friends and family, this is not a problem at all.


  • Yamaha 1050CC Jetski
  • Expert instructor accompanying during the entire tour  
  • Best activities and sight seeing 


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