Flying Cup Dubai

An uplifting perspective located on The Beach, JBR


Flying Cup is a ride designed to take passengers up to a height of a 12 story building and give them a 360° panoramic view of their surroundings. Passengers travel with their feet dangling freely in the air for a unique sensation of freedom and excitement. 

Flying Cup aims to give its passengers an uplifting perspective. Every aspect of the ride seeks to enhance the passenger's experience through a carefully selected location, advanced safety measures and hand-picked refreshments. Flying Cup can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, and families alike. It is suitable for all ages (children from 4 years old are allowed onboard) and is a must-have “selfie” destination.



Flying Cup is an innovative food and entertainment concept that combines three experiences in one.

“Grab a drink. Enjoy the spectacular views and don’t forget the selfie”

• Flying Cup can accommodate up to 1,000 passengers daily.

• Flying Cup provides a 15-minute flight at the height of a 12 story building with 360° panoramic views. Thanks to its rotating platform, all passengers are able to enjoy all angles and capture ‘selfies’ with their own preferred backgrounds.

• A safe, silent, and smooth elevation system allows passengers to relax in comfort from secured individual seats.

• Extended opening hours mean the elegant tower is illuminated by nightfall and can be visible from a far.


Ticket Prices:

ADULT PASS (Age 13+, Inclusive of refreshment) : AED 80 per head

CHILD PASS (Age 4-12, Inclusive of refreshment) : AED 60 per head.

Kids have to be at least 4 years old and above or at least 120cm tall to be able to take part in Flying Cup experience. Kids under 120 cm and above 105 cm may participate if accompanied by an adult.

The prices mentioned above are Inclusive of VAT.

  • Refreshments: soft drinks, juices, coffee, slush etc.


* Visit dates have to be confirmed with us 24 hours before entry. However, for any last minutes booking and to confirm the visit dates please contact us on / WhatsApp help (+971589472344) to confirm your booking dates after processing payments.



Daily : 10 .00 AM to 12.00 AM



The Beach, JBR, Dubai



• Flying Cup is fully compliant with EU and American safety regulations and certified by TUV.

• In the case of power cuts, automatic breaks, and a back-to-ground mechanism will automatically be activated. Individual seatbelts that only unlock on the ground guarantee everyone’s safety onboard.

• Flying Cup is manufactured and maintained by a French company with 20+ years of experience.

• First-class maintenance ensures the tower can last for decades without the need for major refurbishments.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Visit dates must be confirmed in advance( 48hrs min) after payment through email / WhatsApp help (+971589472344)
  2. In the event that flying cup operator has to cancel a confirmed booking due to external circumstances that make it impossible to carry out their service, The operator will inform the guest and a full refund will be offered to the guest
  3. Cancellation by the guest at point of time after purchase is non-refundable/non-transferrable.
  4. Flying Cup does not accept responsibility for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury, or death that anyone suffers or incurs arising out of the activities opted for at Flying Cup. All personal effects are at the sole risk of the Customer at all times during the visit to Flying Cup. 



Every time of the day brings a different flavor to your Flying Cup experience

• Families

• Group of children

• Schools

• A day out with friends

• Engagements

• Birthdays

• Private & corporate events

• Simply enjoying a refreshment at our terrace

For custom group booking packages, please contact / WhatsApp help (+971589472344) to avail best deals.

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