French Tuition – Group of Batch 1



Dear Parents,

Now that your child has done a crash course in Basic foundation in French, if you wish to continue you can enroll your child for the regular weekly tuition classes for Grade 4 on a monthly basis beginning Sunday 6th September 2020.

What you will learn:


  1.  Any additions Once school begins
  2. Classroom and classroom items
  3. Greetings & salutations (Revisions)
  4. French Alphabets (Phonetics) (Revisions)
  5. Numbers 1 to 20 or more - (Revisions)
  6. Colors (Revisions)
  7. Days of the week (Revisions)
  8. Months of the year (Revisions)
  9. Body parts (Revisions)
  10. Fruits (Revisions)
  11. Animals (Revisions)

Dates for the Virtual class – group of Batch 1 .

Sunday        -----6th September – 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Sunday        -----13th September – 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Sunday        -----20th September t – 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Sunday         -----27th September – 4:00pm to 5:30pm

(Payment to be made in advance latest by 4th of September until 12 midnight and the batch will be closed for further coordination and arrangements for the class beginning on 6th of September)

Important Terms and conditions:

  1. Students are expected to join 5 minutes prior to the given time. Class will begin on time as mentioned above.
  2. Ensure students have enough internet connection from home. Please ensure students use a laptop instead of any other device.
  3. Students are Only required to keep a blank notepad if they wish to add notes for themselves. However, all handouts will be shared to the student/ group of Batch 1 on WhatsApp
  4. The students are not permitted to chat with other students during the class and the teacher will attend to each student on a one to one basis if required.
  5. Parents are not permitted to be with the students during the class. Nor are they permitted to take any recordings of the class being conducted.
  6. A group will be created on WhatsApp for Batch 1 students to share further information ongoing class information or preparation.
  7. Payment includes Vat and bank charges
  8. Payment once made is non-refundable and even if classes are missed there will be no refund and no other class adjustment can be made for any other timing for the class missed out. However, Virtual handouts can be shared by the teacher to the students who have missed the class. Please inform Mrs. Candida Goveas – 0552633534 if your child will be missing a class due to any reason and the info on handouts of missed out class can be shared accordingly.
  9. Payment confirmation will be sent as soon as the payment is done online.
  10. Once payment is made Student or parent of student will be provided with the link access to the class.
  11. For security reason a unique link and id will be provided a day prior to each class.

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