Hatta Honeybee Garden Discovery Tour

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Witness the busy bees in action and learn about their role in the ecosystem

Discover the rich legacy of the region's beekeeping

Indulge your senses by sampling delicious local honey and other hive products


The Hatta Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center is nestled in the stunning Al-Hajar mountains, surrounded by captivating fauna and flora. Covering an area of 16,000 square metres that contains 300 beehives and hundreds of indigenous and exotic trees, the Honeybee Garden provides a one-of-a-kind experience to discover firsthand the fascinating world of honey bees. Before you get up close and personal with the active bees, you will be slipped into a bee suit and protective gear. The devoted beekeepers will guide you through the Honeybee Garden, where you will learn about the region's long history of beekeeping and the crucial role bees play as key contributors to the natural ecosystem.  The tour continues with a visit to the Discovery Center where a culinary experience awaits you. You will have the opportunity to treat your senses to the delicious flavours of the local honey and beehive products.  A visit to Hatta Honeybee Garden and Discovery Center is a perfect family-friendly activity, offering a sensory experience that allows you to understand and appreciate the wonders brought by the bees.



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