HeliDubai was established in 2005 to cater the growing demand for helicopter services in Dubai and in the region. Since then we have embarked on a fleet expansion and have established a number of dedicated heliports and helipads throughout the UAE.

At HeliDubai we are proud of the fact that we are the first dedicated helicopter services company in Dubai providing helicopter tours, helicopter aerial filming, helicopter aerial photography and corporate helicopter charter flights in Dubai and across the UAE. 
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In 2013, we launched our own aerial scenic tours from Dubai Festival City. Since then, both local and international travel and tour operators had chosen HeliDubai to be their preferred Helicopter Tour operator.
However, to offer a better service, our Helipad has been located at Dubai Police Academy – HELIDUBAI Jumeirah Helipad. - Which is the best location in DUBAI!!!

Please kindly find the attached Helipad Map Guideline and the Tour Route Map for your reference.

HeliDubai offers helicopter services – that includes aerial tours in Dubai, we believe this would add a luxurious experience to your potential clients.
We have been catering the experience to niche market and we are getting great feedback. We are confident enough that this could match your requirements.

Please see below YouTube links (For you reference):
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw4NgyEaD4w
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xa9IFVIfxY






Sharing Basis 

12min Iconic Tour; AED 646 / USD $ 176 – Per person 

17min Palm Tour; AED 855 / USD $ 232 – Per person 

22min Vision Tour; AED 1,170 / USD $ 318 – Per person 

30min Grand Tour; AED 1,607 / USD $ 437 – Per person 

* All sharing basis prices are based on: 

AS 350 B3 (with capacity of 5 passengers) 

Private Basis: 

12min Iconic Tour: AED 2,595 / USD $ 705 Per flight (max 5pax) 

17min Palm Tour: AED 3,800/ USD $ 1,033 – Per flight (max 5pax) 

22min Vision Tour: AED 5,075 / USD $ 1,379 Per flight (max 5pax) 

30mins Grand Tour: AED 6,484 / USD $ 1,762 – Per flight (max 5pax) 

40min Odyssey Tour: AED 8,925 / USD $ 2,425 – Per flight (max 5pax) 

*PRICES are inclusive of 5% UAE VAT  and exclusive of bank charges.



  • In the event of poor weather conditions or other external factors out of our reasonable control, the flight may be cancelled at short notice without any charges being applied to the client, and can be rescheduled as per the client's specifications and availability;
  • Cancellation coming from the client: 

              - Over 48 hours in advance - No charges applied
              - Less than 48 hours in advance - 50% of booked cost will be charged
              - Less than 24 hours in advance - 100% of booked cost will be charged


Additional Information
1. Kindly present ID Document or Passport and your Flight Voucher for Boarding Procedures.
2. All passengers MUST arrive 45 minutes prior to flight time.
3. Camera lens should be less than 400 mm.
4. Only a kid with 2 years and above are allowed to fly (No weight limited);
5. Each flight only can be with 3 kids, if the kids less than 12 years old.
6. All the booking include the insurance.



1. All Passengers to complete Passenger Declaration Form prior to flight. 
2.  Passenger should arrive 45 minutes before the flight for check- in and the delivery of Passenger to helipad. 
3. Cancellation Policy: 
a. In the event of poor weather conditions or other external factors out of our reasonable control, the flight may be cancelled at short notice, without any charges being applied to the client. Flights can be re-scheduled as agreed, otherwise a refund will be issued. 
b. Cancelation coming from the client: 
> Over 48 hours in advance - No charges applied 
> Less than 48 hours in advance - 50% of booked cost will be charged 
> Less than 24 hours in advance - 100% of booked cost will be charged 
Note: If re-scheduled, no cancellation fees will be charged. 

4. Passenger Identification: Due to official regulations in the UAE, passengers are obliged to present official identification when checking in for their flight. 
5. Weight and Balance: Passengers' weight will be checked prior to their flight due do helicopter weight and balance regulations and restrictions. 
6. Children: Due to GCAA regulations, children above 2years are allowed to fly. 
7. Dress Code: Clients are recommended to dress in comfortable and respectful clothes. Swimwear is not allowed. Due to headphone use, earrings can be worn at the passenger’s sole risk. 

8. Passenger and Baggage Safety and Security: 
a. Passengers will be subject to security control as per GCAA regulations. Baggage / large bags / purses are not allowed on board the helicopter and must be left at the designated lockers. 
b. Have hand baggage limited to personal effects (i.e. essential items only). 

9. Photography and Video Shooting: Due to security policies, HD camcorders or cameras with telephoto lens greater than 400mm are not permitted to be carried on board the helicopter unless proper written approvals, issued by the Dubai authorities are presented to HeliDubai. Casual tourist photography and video is allowed. The Pilot has the final authority. 
10. Booking Confirmation: Flights will be only booked upon receiving email from the customer after processing payment.
12. Availability: All flights are subject to Force Majeure, helicopter availability, Air Traffic Control authorization and weather conditions. 
13. Flight Route and Duration: Flight routes and duration are subject to change due to Air Traffic Control regulations or other unexpected factors beyond HeliDubai’s reasonable control. 

Additional Information for Covid-19 

-Passengers are required to adhere to staff instructions and abide to all COVID-19 precautionary measures. 
-Passengers are to wear protective masks at all times within the heliport premises. 
-Avoid crowding in the heliport premises & respect social distancing of 1.5m 
-All passengers are required to undergo temperature check at the Heliport Entrance prior to entry into the lounge. 
-Passengers will be provided gloves prior to boarding. 
-HeliDubai reserves the right to cancel the flight if passengers show any COVID-19 related symptoms. 

If you have any additional questions about our booking and cancellation policies, please feel free to contact us.


* ROAD TRANSFERS ARE Provided at an additional cost –kindly ask our call center for the

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