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Highlights - Split into three distinct exhibitions for 15-minutes each, Raise Vibration is an artistic explosion that combines legendary masterpieces and voluminous forms inspired by mesmerizing harmonious rhythms, plunging visitors into a timeless journey of discovery that awakens the senses.

Gaudi: The Architect of Imaginary

Kandinsky: The Odyssey of Abstraction

Paul Klee: Painting Music


Raise Vibration, devoted to the profound works of Gaudi, Kandinsky, and Klee, highlighting the force of colourful abstractions and the rhythm of vibrations. Allowing visitors to feel, experience and co-create, the exhibition puts visitors at the centre of three artists’ work, viewpoints, and diverse perspectives.

Infinity des Lumieres, located on the 2nd floor of The Dubai Mall, in Downtown Dubai, is the region's biggest digital art venue and its most impressive immersive experience, with 58 speakers and 130 projectors transmitting 3,000 moving images on a 3,300m2 projectable surface. To enter, visitors step through an amazing immersive digital facade, the largest in the Dubai Mall, with 200 m2.

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