Meet The Locals - Etiquette of Arabic Coffee

Shake a cup of Arabic coffee! Many have seen this scene but most are not familiar with the story behind it. So when does one shake the cup? How to easily differentiate between Emirati and Saudi Arabic coffee? What's the origin of the word ‘Mocha’? Get all the answers to your piping-hot coffee questions and more during our Etiquette of Arabic Coffee experience. You'll leave the event feeling well-versed in the history, varieties, and etiquette of this Emirati tradition. There's no need to worry about going hungry either - your flavoursome assortment of specialty “Qahwa” will be served with a side of juicy dates and different mouth-watering Emirati desserts.



Emirati certified guide introducing the history of coffee and the etiquette of Arabic Coffee 

Pair Arabic Coffee with delicious dates 

Try a variety of Emirati desserts  

Discover the story behind shaking the coffee cup and other secret messages


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