Qasr Al Hosn - History, Culture and Heritage

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Enjoy priority access and head directly into Qasr Al Hosn to witness Abu Dhabi’s rich story

Discover the ancestral home of the al Nahyan and the symbolic heart of Abu Dhabi as you explore the Inner Fort and Outer Palace

Learn more about how Abu Dhabi progressed from a traditional pearling settlement to a modern and global metropolis

Stumble upon the heritage of craft at the House of Artisans which preserves the intangible legacy of United Arab Emirates 


Located in downtown Abu Dhabi, Al Hosn is the original urban block of the city, a witness to the evolution of the city from a traditional pearling settlement to a modern global metropolis. Al Hosn comprises major elements: Qasr Al Hosn, Cultural Foundation, National Consultative Council, House of Artisans, Bait Al Gahwa Initiative, Water Feature and F&B. Incorporating the oldest structure in Abu Dhabi, Qasr Al Hosn is the narrator of Abu Dhabi’s past, telling stories of diplomacy, history and Emirati traditions, as well as those of the men and women who lived in the ruler’s palace. The National Consultative Council building stands as a symbol of the federalization and unity of the UAE, while House of Artisans serves to promote and preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of the UAE. Cultural Foundation represents one of the early achievements of the young nation-state – its first cultural centre, which would go on to become the home of cultural and social life in modern Abu Dhabi..

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