Sea Lion Dip & Play

Play and swim with the delightful sea lions in a fun and safe environment at Sea Lion Point in a shallow water interaction. Let your guide introduce you to a charming family of sea lions. Cement your new friendship with a tickle-inducing smooch from their bushy whiskers and listen to your guide share interesting facts about their behavior and habitat. Once you've made friends, enjoy the same day access to Aquaventure, World's Largest Waterpark on the many record-breaking waterslides. If relaxing is more your thing, flop onto the pristine sands of Aquaventure Waterpark's private beach and soak up the glorious sunshine.


  • Chance to get up close and personal with gentle sea lions
  • Play with our sociable marine mammals
  • Expert guides are on hand to provide interesting facts
  • Opportunity to enjoy rides and slides of Aquaventure Waterpark


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