The Smash Room - (for 1 smasher)

Smash the stress away and have fun, for 1 smasher in 1 room. The Smash Room in Dubai is a unique attraction that refers to itself as,therapy that doesnt involve reflection, a meditation that doesn't involve soul searching. At the Smash Room, you do exactly that, you smash things! Immerse yourself in this wacky concept that is sure to be an experience like no other. 2020 Promotion – We are throwing in an extra electronic item for free (worth 100 dhs) making it a total of 2 electronic items to take your energy out at!

COVID-19 prevention measures

• Customers and staff MUST wear masks at all times. Instead of slamming your phone against the ground or punching a hole in the wall or flipping a table, you can come to the Smash Room and shatter, break, stomp, tear, yell, and embrace an animalistic release you can only find here, a therapy that doesnt involve reflection, a meditation that doesnt involve soul searching.




Have Fun

Break Things



Shattering Times


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