Yas Marina Circuit Driving Experience - Ferrari 458 GT

You will not be disappointed with the raw top speed of 320 km/h down the longest straight in F1®. Imagine racing through the most modern F1® circuit with such a fierce yet elegant machine. Enjoy 15 minutes (5 - 8 laps) of fantastic, adrenalin packed driving with our expert instructor coaching you on improving your driving skills.



Don’t miss your chance for an experience of a lifetime! 

Experience the fabled Italian thoroughbred of racing cars with high power, aerodynamic downforce and slick racing tyres.

At a top speed of 325 km/h, this car is astonishngly quick. 

Most people only drive a Ferrari in their wildest dreams, take this chance to make your dream a reality.

Take home the video recording of the expreience as a souvenior


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