Yas Marina Circuit Driving Experience - Polaris Drift Sprint

Opportunity to drive a Polaris RZR RS1 in a unique sprint race whilst drifting at the same time. Enjoy 10 minutes, about 5 runs of head to head racing our expert instructor setting the rules out for you. Two identical tracks are used and the start sends the vehicles in opposite directions, completing the course as quickly as possible and finishing next to each other. A dividing barrier is used between the two tracks and the ‘donut’ section is wet, making it easy to drift the car. This product is most entertaining when done in groups, so that while 2 people are driving the rest can watch and enjoy the action. This will add to the team building and competitive element.



A unique experience only available in Yas Marina Circuit

Challenge your partner in a series of drifting challenge.

Off-road inspired vehicle

Easy to use continuous variable transmission

Modified to cater to tarmac experiences and drifting on wet surfaces


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