Important Guidelines for all events:

  1. Only speakers/performers registered on DTCM E-pertmit portal are allowed to speak/perform during the event.
  2. Events with free registration, business cards collection, any form of data collection, checking list, badges, wristbands and RFID are considered free ticketed events which require delegates data to be shared with DTCM through API system.
  3. For ticketed events or with registration the client is committed to share mondatory data required by DTCM prior to the event.
  4. Incase of missing information we will be forced to collect it onsite to generate the barcodes.

Ticketing Fee Structure (Govt. Fee):

  1. Free Ticketed Events: 1 AED per barcode plus 20 AED innocvation and Knowledge fee
  2. Paid Ticketed Events:
    • Manager’s Cheque (written out to “Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing”) equivalent to %10 of the total value of tickets issued for the event including the AED 20/- knowledge and innovation fees) – as mentioned on the DTCM Event Ticket Fee Form has to be submitted along with the application.
    • 10 of every sold ticket must be paid to DTCM as per the sales recorded.
    • 5 of every sold ticket must be paid to FTA( Federal Tax Authority as VAT) as per the sales recorded

In any case of event cancellation, all goverment fees once paid are non-refundable. Pure Magic cancellation terms & conditions are applicable in such cases.

To secure event permits for your event you must: fill out this form completely and acquire all needed signatures.

Any changes to the event must be communicated to Pure Magic representative as soon as possible before applying for event permits.

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