EMAAR Entertainments



Has your child ever expressed wishes of following an exciting career when they grow up - perhaps a pilot; a doctor, a chef, or even a firefighter!

80.00 AED


Dig-It is a play environment based around a real working building site where children will learn how to work together.

80.00 AED

Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo

Dive into a memorable adventure that illuminates the many wonders of the ocean floor and showcases some of the most diverse collections of aquatic life.

120.00 AED

Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo - Explorer Package

Discover an aquatic world that brings the marvels of underwater and tropical life into the heart of the city at Dubai.

150.00 AED


An indoor theme park which provide a virtual world for all ages.

150.00 AED

Dubai Ice Rink

Glide across the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink where unlimited fun awaits skating enthusiast.

115.00 AED
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