For The Thrill Seekers


Aventura Adventure Park

3 hours experience for Adults and Children to enjoy the circuits at Aventura Parks.

149.00 AED


Dubai's Largest ZipLine park

149.00 AED

Mini Kids Circuit

2 hour Experience for the little ones to enjoy Aventura’s fun experiences and explore MiniKid's unique playground course on and between the trees.

65.00 AED

Nature Trail

1 Hour Experience to explore the park and get introduced to a variety of local flora and fauna like never before.

35.00 AED

Leap of Faith

Climb up a 5m pole, balance on top, state your promise to the universe and spring jump to hit the ball. 30 minutes of pure adrenalin and courage combined.

75.00 AED


30 Minute Experience to enjoy beautiful views of Ghaf tree forest at the top of Himalya, Aventura’s 12m climbing wall.

75.00 AED

Jacob's Ladder

30 Minute Experience for a Team of TWO on moving up the ladder when the spaces between the rungs become increasingly wider.

150.00 AED
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