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A powerful platform that caters to all your event permissions, online and on-site registration needs for your next big event.

Simplify Event Ticketing and Event Registration

Discover with Ticket Magic, an end-to-end event registration process that assists event organizers in providing their attendees with the easiest and most efficient online event registration experience possible. Ticket Magic’s seamless ticketing software integrations, and online ticket management platform make it easier than ever to list an event and sell tickets online.

Ticket Magic Can Make Your Life Easy and Fast.

A Solution For All Types Of Events

  • Webinars

  • Conferences

  • Exhibitions

  • Concerts

  • Gala Dinners

  • Entertainment Events

Ticket Magic
Ticket Magic

What makes Ticket Magic Special in terms of Permits & Ticketing?

For any planner looking to organize an event in Dubai, compliance with DTCM rules and guidelines is mandatory, which requires you to register as an organizer and obtain an e-Permit. Once your e-Permit is approved, your event registrations need to be synced with DTCM, which issues a unique barcode to each delegate.

We have issued more than 700 event permits successfully over the past 5 years. We have always focused on providing complete support for all the projects we commit to and making sure the event organizer has a hassle-free event and makes sure they fall under DTCM guidelines.

How to sell tickets online

With a seamless payment and checkout flow, we provide a smoothe experience for your attendees at every stage of the online event registration and checkout process with a professional event page. Our event registration system enables advanced event registration tools. Now event attendees can register and pay at their convenience, thereby increasing event registration.


Create and Customize

Add your event and list your event in just few hours Customized with your own logo and colours Manage multiple account users with access permissions


Publish and Promote

Promote your event with "book now" links Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Your events advertised on our social media campaigns, Email integration for easier email marketing Unlimited price categories and promo discount codes

Ticket Magic


Start selling tickets

Easily embed Ticket Magic into your website Record bookings for online payments Produce e-tickets, mobile tickets and hard tickets Delivery of tickets to your customers via registered email


Manage your audience

Use scanners for ticket validation Ticket scanning app for iOS and Android devices Each sale builds your customer database

Ticket Magic APP

Mobile APP

  • We have a free ticket scanning app that works alongside your Ticket Magic account to enable you to scan the code on your customer's tickets, in whatever format they have chosen.
  • The app checks the ticket reference in real time, so you'll need a Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection at the venue to use it. You can have multiple devices scanning tickets, all updating your Ticket Magic account in real time.

Asked Questions

How can I create my own Event Selling page?

Click on Create New Event button > Enter and upload the details of the event including the summary, artwork and ticket categories > submit for approvals > once agreement is signed the event will go live for selling

For Free ticketed events, after you submit the event details please contact us on 044204413 inorder to go live.

For Paid Ticketed event, once you have submitted the details we would need you to sign the payment agreements before going live.

We sell tickets on behalf of promoters who are responsible for the event organization and management. takes an understanding approach to refunds and acts as an escrow between the customer and event organizer based on the reason of event cancellation.

Please send us your requirement details to inorder for us to assist you interms of onsite hardware and technical requirements.

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